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At Neptune Body Glow we have years of experience in the beauty industry and provide professional lightening and brightening beauty products to our clients worldwide.

Find natural skincare treatments that works for all skin types is hard! All of us are different and unique, that's why at Neptune we have a range of products to suit all your needs.


Hyper pigmentation

Customers wish to remove dark patches from the face and dark knuckles from their hands. 


We have customers that want to remove severe acne and lighten the acne scarring that can appear.


We have customers that want to brighten and lighten their skin.

Advanced Lightening Face cream

Knuckle Set

Ultimate whitening serum

advanced lightening face cream-final-Current View.png

A lighter, brighter and a more even skin tone in just two weeks! An effective treatment for hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. It softens skin; smooths the appearance of fine lines,;lightens the dark spots and discoloration.

knuckle set with shadows.png

 The dark knuckle set works to exfoliate the build up and slow down the production of pigmentation.  This diminishes uneven skin tones and stimulates cell renewal, this prevents the appearance of dark patches.


Professional strength skin whitening serum for resistant hyper-pigmentation.Perfect for enhancing dull complexions and on the go hydration to give a glass glow look.  

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